A Fire has broken out at a children’s goods shopping mall ("Perseus for children") in north-eastern Moscow, killing only one person, two weeks after 64 Russian citizens died in a mall fire in Siberia. There is a lot of discussion around Russia in the Western countries these days, especially after the Putin’s terrifying address and the Skripals poisoning.

Quite frankly, something had to happen to shout a new beam of light on the virtues of the Russian People. As they see their countrymen or foreign friends are in danger, they are ready to die defending other people.

The fire brigade arrived after three minutes

Since the moment of the burning, before plumes of smoke were rising from windows. Rescuers managed to eliminate open burning in the shopping centre quickly. The fire occurred on the last floor of the building, where there was a warehouse with toys. The firefighters rescued successfully 20 workers of the textile factory which was located on two highest floors. Despite of that two human tragedies occurred.

"The victim, who has been evacuated from a burning building, died in an ambulance. He could not be saved," the TASS news agency cited an unnamed ambulance service employee. According to Russian authorities the victim was a mall private clerk who mixed up the emergency exit, instead advancing toward a smoke-filled area.

Heavily burnt and poisoned with smoke was also the commander of one of the firefighters' squads, which is because...

Smoke removal system and fire alarm system worked perfectly

This had a side effect, leading to reactions from customers and sellers who tried to complete their transactions instead of going as quickly as possible to leave.

Because of the lack of smoke, they were convinced that this was just a trial alarm.

Firefighters reacted with a redoubled effort to the news of a delayed evacuation. Regardless of the danger, they rushed straight into the fire to extinguish it as quickly as possible. As a result, six of them were severely burned and poisoned by smoke.

Medical helicopters arrived to help the victims. As a result, about 500 customers and shopping mall employees were evacuated, safe and sound. Some people hoped that Putin would be overthrown as a result of the Kemerovo fire.

Instead, the businessmen and state authorities showed a sense of responsibility. At the initiative of the Emergency Situations Ministry, local authorities, fire brigades and the entrepreneurs themselves, there were plenty of exercises and trial alarms. Hundreds of inspections were carried out during the two weeks.

The efforts of the supervisory authority to increase awareness about the importance of correct implementation of regulations proved many times to be a good solution in the history of Russia. As a result, the Russian people surprised the rest of the world and disappointed those who mean them no good, once again.