THE OPCW heard from Eye witness accounts of the alleged Douma chemical weapons attack last week. The event that garnered very little media attention in the west and boycotted by the US, UK and France, was filled with eye witness testimonies that underlined that the alleged chemical weapons attack was likely to be faked.

The witnesses included an 11-year old boy who can be seen in the video of the aftermath of the alleged attacked being doused with water.

Testimonies against western propaganda

Unsurprisingly, the west claimed that this was merely a propaganda event and rather than hear what they had to say, the UK, US and France boycotted the event.

This is ironic considering they frequently condemn Russia for boycotted anything within the UN. Nonetheless, the Syrians were flown to Europe to tell their stories at the OPCW; ushered into a roomful of reporters at a nearby hotel where they all repeated nearly identical accounts: There was no Chemical Attack in Douma, near Damascus, on April 7.

A doctor from the Douma hospital, also participating at the conference as a witness, said that what happened on April 7 is not corresponding with what was shown in the media. People were arriving at the hospital suffering from asphyxiation, not from a chemical attack. Douma hospital emergency ward administrator Ahmad Kashoi explained, “there were people unknown to us who were filming the emergency care.

They were filming the chaos taking place inside and were filming people being doused with water. The instruments they used to douse them with water were originally used to clean the floors…”

The OPCW has separately interviewed 6 of the 17 witnesses brought forward, however, it is unknown at this point what questions were asked and the report by the OPCW is yet to be released.

There is significant doubt over the alleged attack and the boycott of the event is just a petty act. Russia were accused of carrying out an “obscene masquerade” for transporting 17 Syrian people to Europe to assert that no chemical weapons attack occurred in the town of Douma earlier this month. Most media in the west is unable to pry itself from its own propaganda that they have belittle organisations like the OPCW and attack Russia over gathering evidence to back their claim up, something the UK, US and France failed to do before they bombed Syria.