Last week an image was posted on the Instagram page of a journalist working with La Voz de Galicia, Paula Vázquez. It showed a woman with blonde hair, walking casually through a field with a hoe over her shoulder and looking off into the distance.

After it was posted to social media, that image sparked an international phenomenon, simply because Dolores Leis Antelo bears an uncanny resemblance to U.S. President Donald Trump [VIDEO]. Among the comments to Vázquez’s post were remarks such as “Trump’s sister” and “Is that our president?”

Photo of Donald Trump doppelganger goes viral

After the image was posted it soon went viral and ended up being republished by Newsweek and Univision.

In fact, it caused such a stir that Vázquez has since made her Instagram account private to avoid the neverending commentary.

The amazing likeness spawned international reports saying that the woman and Trump were so alike, they could have been twins who had been separated at birth. After the image went viral, Vázquez wrote a report for La Voz de Galicia on Tuesday, explaining how she came across the woman. She wrote that she was putting together a report on how the rain in Galicia had been holding back the annual harvest.

While working on the report, she interviewed Dolores Leis Antelo, 64, who hails from Cabana de Bergantiños in the La Coruña province of Galicia, Spain.

She also took the photo of Leis, which shows the woman's amazing likeness to Trump.

Trump lookalike said, ‘It must be my hair’

When Vázquez asked Leis about her likeness to Donald Trump, the woman chuckled and said it must be due to the blonde colour of her hair. Reportedly, Leis doesn’t own a mobile phone and doesn’t have access the Internet, so it was only when her daughters saw the photo online that they let her know how the photo had gone viral, giving her international fame.

English translation: Trump has a sister in Galicia.

Doppelganger doesn’t want to leave home anymore

Vázquez published a further report about “Trump’s doppelganger” in La Voz de Galicia on Wednesday, reporting on the huge flood of media coverage over Leis’ uncanny resemblance to the 45th U.S.


As noted by El Pais, After all the reports, both in Spain and overseas, Leis has reportedly now had quite enough of her global fame and according to her daughters, she doesn’t want any further photos taken of her. One of the daughters said that while all the media people had treated their mother well, they must now understand that after the media flood, Leis doesn’t want to appear in public anymore. So far the Donald Trump seems to be unaware of his lookalike, as he hasn't mentioned her on Twitter.