The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards were announced last night, and there were a number of surprises, namely that “Logan” was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for a screenplay that was adapted from a series of comic books. But, as always, there were also some Snubs. Steven Spielberg, who directed the political relevant docudrama “The Post,” which is set in the 1970s but reflects the politics of today, was snubbed for Best Director, even though the movie was still nominated for Best Actress (Meryl Streep, of course) and Best Picture.

James Franco and ‘Wonder Woman’ among other snubs

Allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour against “The Disaster Artist” star James Franco, which he denies, came out one day before the Oscar voting officially closed, so some are saying that this may have hurt his chances at an acting nomination – after all, he did win the Golden Globe in the same category, so it seemed like a definite. However, it’s also possible that a satirical film about the worst film ever may not have gone down well with the snobbish Academy voters.

The awards chances of “Wonder Woman” were always slim, since it’s a big-budget superhero action blockbuster, but still, it was a historical story of female empowerment directed by a woman and starring a woman that made huge money and was universally loved, and in the #TimesUp era, that makes it a very important piece of cinema.