The air is thick with rumors of senior army and Air Force officers being "honey trapped" by beautiful spies of the Pakistan ISI. It appears these women had befriended the officers on Facebook and then became intimate with them. In the bargain, sensitive information may have been exchanged. The first case was a Group Captain - a 51-year-old officer posted at Air Hq. He had grown-up children, yet he followed a woman on Facebook and became intimate with her. Sex was an issue and the officer who is now in custody is alleged to have passed sensitive information.

The Deccan Herald has now reported that another senior office a Lt Colonel posted at Jubblepore, the military cantonment in Madhya Pradesh has been taken for questioning to Lucknow, the headquarters of the Central Command. It is speculated that he had also been "honey trapped."


Espionage is part of the game and the enemy will try and glean information by any means including using women, who are trained to honey trap opposing countries officers and soldiers. One of the most famous women spies was Marta Hari who was ultimately executed.The Indian Army has its fair share of spies in its ranks. In the last three years, 10 army, and one Air Force personnel have been arrested for espionage activities.

The latest case is of a Lt Colonel.who was working in the military cantonment at Jubblepore. He is an officer of the EME( Electronic and Mechanical engineers) corps of the Indian army.

The army PRO has not confirmed the news and has termed it " speculation." There is, however, no doubt that an investigation is on and the officer taken to the Headquarters of the Central Army command at Lucknow.

There is speculation that the officer received a large amount of cash, but the news is not confirmed.

Group Captain Marwaha

The Group Captain named Arun Marwaha was a navigator and was trapped by a girl on Facebook. Unknown to the officer, the girl was an agent of the ISI. She is missing now, but the officer is in custody of the Air Force police and NIS.

The case against the Lt.Colonel is under investigation and the complete facts have as yet not been revealed.

Third largest army

India maintains the 3rd largest army in the world and has five distinct commands.This case has come under the jurisdiction of the Central Command. Jubblepore is the center for manufacturing heavy trucks for the army including trailers for carrying the heavy field guns. It houses one of the oldest cantonments in India and was built during the days of the Raj( British rule) nearly 175 years back.The Indian army will have to be more alert and educate officers against liaisons with girls on Facebook.