For decades india has been importing arms from Russia. The first military deal was signed in 1959 when Nikita Khrushchev was the first secretary of the communist party. At that time, the incumbent Defense Minister, Krishna Menon, negotiated the deal for the MIG-21 fighter. This was the beginning of an ongoing relationship and over almost six decades, the Indian Navy, Army, and Air Force have obtained the best Russian weaponry. India operates the T-90 tanks, the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya and the Sukhoi and Illusion planes - all of the Russian pedigree.

Lately, there is a shift to buying American weapons but the Russian link remains strong. NDTV has reported that India and Russia have signed a four billion dollar deal to supply the S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft and Missile Shield.

The deal

The deal was hurried through after China obtained the S 400 Missile Shield and installed it. China initiated the process in 2014 and the missile shield has been supplied now. Saudi Arabia and Turkey have also opted for this missile defence system, which is almost the best in the world. The Americans had objected to the deal, but their objections have been ignored. As far as India is concerned Sputnik News has confirmed that Russia has indicated it is ready to supply and install the weapon system.

The Triumf system

The Triumf system is an anti-aircraft and missile system which was developed in Russia. It has three variants that have an operational range from 120 km to 400km. Cumulatively the three-in-one systems give a layered defense and it s simultaneously capable of engaging 36 targets. The deal was directly negotiated between Modi and Putin during the last BRICS meeting.


Modi is a different Prime Minister and he has realized the importance of a strong and well-equipped military. This is the reason India is purchasing weapons of the highest quality from abroad, making it the largest importer of weapons in the world. Had Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru laid some stress on defence production, India could have saved precious foreign exchange by at least manufacturing some of the weapons in India.

Modi has now rectified that lacuna and all new deals being signed have the "make in India" clause. Even the American proposal for the F-16 has the clause of manufacturing the plane in India.

Last word

The installation of the S-400(which is expected this year) will greatly augment the defence capability of the Indian armed forces against China and a renegade attack from Pakistan.