Justin Welby, the Archbishop Of Canterbury, has joined Pope Francis for a Christmas Day address, and while they’re a tradition, it’s usually not traditional for the Catholic officials to use the address to slam the President of the United States. Then again, it’s usually not traditional for America to elect a President who hates Muslims, thinks Mexicans are all “rapists,” and gladly sexually assaults women. It’s not been a tradition kind of year.

The Archbishop of Canterbury basically called President Trump the Antichrist

Welby was specifically criticising Donald Trump for his decision to make the American viewpoint officially recongise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, which caused a furore in the worlds of religion, Judaism, and politics for being reckless and intentionally divisive.

Welby compared the US President to the opposite of how Jesus is portrayed in the story of the Nativity, where his “power [is] seen in humility.” So, he’s basically calling Donald Trump the Antichrist.

Another criticism of the US President by Welby was calling him a “populist.” This is defined in the dictionary as “a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.” But ask almost anyone in all of America and they’ll say that Trump does not represent their interests. In fact, the hashtag #NotMyPresident is commonly used so that they can distance themselves from him.