In this day and age, where it seems like crimes are getting more regular & worse, you want your call for help to be answered. It seems like nearly every day, there's a crime that's happened either local or somewhere else. Whether it be small or big, there's just no break from it all. It's so sad & unnecessary. With something that is important as this, it needs to be sorted out quickly. There's got to be ways that this problem can be better & more reliable. This is to keep people safe & rescue them if they are in danger. If something isn't done about it soon then it's going to be too late.

Unfortunately, you can get fake calls which don't help. It sickens me to know that this sort of thing happens but it does. This is another thing that needs to be stopped or avoided, but how & when will it be?

New system

After finding out that thousands of people were leaving 999 calls before they get a response, UK police are now getting people to record their information online.

There is a new system that the Metropolitan police are bringing out that lets people report the crime, from small to big offences using their devices. Instead of talking directly to a control centre. It is there to hopefully making things faster and make reporting the crime more convenient. Unfortunately, it's a bad time to get this into place.

There's a rising amount of evidence that seems that the current 999 and non-emergency 101 services are not coping with a number of calls. It's got to the point that many people are putting the phone down before their problem has been solved.

It is shocking but last year, more than 42,000 people who rung 999 asking for police, failed to finish the call.

The amount of non-Emergency Calls was worse, with almost 860,000.

Information that's been released under the Freedom of Information Act, has revealed more than 30,000 calls took more than 16 minutes to get a response.

Scotland Yard has spoken, saying that there might be understandable reasons why a call might be left, like losing the signal.

Is there enough being done to fix this issue?

Hopefully, that new system from the Met will help people get their emergency sorted out within 45 minutes. Plus Scotland Yard at this time has an online method that's there for minor crimes, while the new system will be getting more serious crimes to be sent using the internet.

"We know that people want to be able to report crime online, in a place and time that suits them. So it's vital that the Met is up to the modern day for people in an emergency" Says the Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons.

People are following steps in reporting their situation, starting with asking if this is a proper emergency. If they don't want to do it online, they need to continue to call 999.

Though he said that it's simple & quicker than doing it over the phone, I'm just wondering if everyone is going to be pleased & comfortable with the new system.

If the emergency sounds like it needs help faster, then they can give the report to a police officer. While victims of crime are still visited, the smaller crimes from the online reports mean an officer doesn't need to visit an address for details. Therefore this frees up more officers when they are needed the most.