An incident that happened in May 2016 has been brought into the limelight by Senator Marco Rubio. According to the Conservative Daily Post, the senator has called for the removal of an officer named Spencer Rapone, after he came to know that the officer had communist leanings. In a letter to Army Secretary, Ryun McCarthy, the Florida Republican says that the army must remove the officer from service while pursuing disciplinary action against him. Military officials have said that they are investigating the West Point graduate's communist leanings which he had also splashed across social media, Fox News reported.

The incident

Though the incident happened last year, it is only now that the public has become aware of it. The officer, a graduate of the prestigious military academy at West Point displayed his cap prominently with the handwritten words "communism will win.” The officer had also worn a T-shirt extolling the communist guerrilla leader, Che Guevara. The officer was attached to the 10th Mountain Division after he graduated from the academy.

The officer is not involved in any other disciplinary action. However, the fact that he is supporting communism does raise eyebrows as communism is a rejected ideology, even in Russia where it took roots during the time of Lenin. The Russians had launched the worlds first communist state in 1917 but it collapsed within 60 years.

Army response

Officials at West Point have been at pains to clarify the position. They have stated that the academy does not subscribe to the views of the officer. However, as a matter of caution, the officer's details were kept under wraps so that his family is not harmed. A year has elapsed and the army has not taken any action against the officer.

One reason could be that apart from these two infringements, the officer has done nothing to contravene the army code.

Marco Rubio, however, does not see the incident as the army sees it and he wants the officer dismissed and his 4-year degree de-recognized. The army allows freedom of thought but generally, airing such opinions is frowned upon.

Since the officer has not contravened the Unified military code with any other infringement, no action was taken. The army may have to rethink deeply about this case since the senator has raked up the issue and it has now made it into mainstream news. The senator was a candidate for the Republican nomination which was won by Trump.