The tense relationship between Catalunya and Spain has reached another chapter. The Spanish Constitutional Court has declared the Catalunyan Parliamentary Session in which MPs would have accepted and declared the results of Sunday's referendum, illegal. By suspending this political event, the Court has ruled that such a meeting will be unconstitutional and against the rule of law. In addition, the MPs who choose to ignore and defy the Court's decision can face criminal action.

This particular measure comes as a confirmation of the cold relations between the prosperous north-east region and the Spanish political leaders who are opposed to the independence movement from Catalunya.

This won't be the first instance of Catalan politicians being charged because of actions taken in the name of independence and nationalism. At the beginning of September, more than 700 mayors were charged for offering support to the referendum's cause.

Diplomacy and nationalism

Although the whole region has been under the threat of violence and chaos, Carles Puigdemont, the President of Catalunya, has encouraged his people to engage in dialogue with the Spanish government. After days of unrest in the aftermath of a sad Sunday, in which police have used the force as a mean of authority against the people who tried to vote in the Referendum, the speech of Puigdemont is meant to bring normality to a country divided by beliefs and cultures.

But where is Spain's political future going to?

As a matter of fact, the speech given by The President of Catalunya presents stances of nationalism and positive feedback to the result of the referendum. The Guardian highlights how his words try to put a balance between diplomacy and soft power on one side and Catalan pride on the other side.

''On Sunday we had a referendum under the most difficult circumstances and set an example of who we are ... Peace and accord is part of who we are. We have to apply the results of the referendum. We have to present the results of the referendum to parliament.” The Spanish government is firmly opposed to the will of Puigdemont to validate the outcome of the referendum in front of the Catalan Parliament and describes this action as ''blackmailing'' towards the supreme national authority, relates the BBC.

Pique vs Spain fans

In an emotional interview after the victory of FC Barcelona against Las Palmas (3-0), Gerard Pique condemned the actions of the Spanish government. The football player even talked about the possibility of retiring from the Spain national team before the 2018 World Cup, which is his last official competition for the national team. His authentic Catalan speech had repercussions as the defender has been booed by Spanish fans during the training sessions of Furia Roja. Another dilemma which surrounds the football universe is what is going to happen with FC Barcelona if Catalunya will become independent, as the 5-times European champion might have to be forced to compete in a different national league.