The city of Vizag(Visakhapatnam) is an important city in East India and the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city houses the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command and its fleet along with many other important government offices. It is the most modern city in Andhra Pradesh, but a recent incident has brought nothing but shame to the city and the country.

On Sunday, in broad daylight, a depraved incident took place. A 21-year-old drunk truck driver named Ganji Siva got out of his vehicle and picked up a woman sitting under a tree and assaulted her in front of passing pedestrians and rickshaw drivers.

A rickshaw driver filmed the entire scene before calling the police. While the man carried out his act none of the public intervened or made any attempt to stop the act. This news is reported in detail by India times.

The incident

The incident took place on a pavement in full public view on Sunday. The police arrived after the act and arrested the man later. The police have now said that the man has a history of crime, though no charge of assault had been made against him before. The police and many others are dumbstruck that People were mute spectators to the incident and nobody intervened. This shows the depravity of the human mind that is difficult to comprehend.

The Times of India has reported that the woman was aged 28 years and had left her home after a tiff with her husband and was sitting under a tree when she was attacked.

The assault took place close to the rail station and bus stand but onlookers made no attempt to help the woman as the man was making threatening gestures. It is learned that the woman has been admitted to hospital and is the wife of a labourer.

Crimes against women

India has been rocked by many crimes of assault against women which have made headlines.

The depravity of the acts has compelled Parliament to amend relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code 1861, and punishments have been increased to life in prison or death. A few months back four men who had brutally assaulted a girl in a moving bus resulting in her death, were sentenced to death by the Sessions court. The punishment has been confirmed by the country's Supreme Court.

Unique case

This recent case is unique as it took place in full view of the public, yet nobody stepped forward to stop the crime. The incident shows that people have become insensitive. The man who had left the scene of the crime was arrested later by the police with the help of some locals.