India is an ancient civilisation with Hinduism being the predominant religion. One of the facets of Hindu philosophy is that God can only be reached through a guru. He is a man who is supposed to be the intermediary, who leads a believer to God. Unfortunately, this philosophy is been debased as tens of fake babas and gurus have mushroomed in India. These gurus amass untold wealth, pay no taxes and many seduce their disciplines and some even conduct orgies.

One such self-styled Guru is Baba Ram Rahim, who two and a half decades back was an auto-rickshaw driver.

He donned the mantle of a guru and soon built up a phenomenal following. He began to live a lavish life style and his name was mentioned as a man who had sex with many of his disciples. Many women willingly gave themselves to this guru, who began to think he was omnipotent leading him to rape a few of his disciples. One of them took courage and reported to the police and a CBI court tried the Baba for rape. He has now been convicted by the Punjab High Court and the quantum of punishment will be announced on Monday. There is every chance that he will be awarded seven years RI as per the IPC. This news is widely reported and the Indian Express is featuring this news on the front page.

Riots and deaths

The conviction for rape sparked immediate violence and thousands of his supporters went on a rampage, burning cars, and beating people. The police had to intervene and the army was called in but by then, 36 people had been killed. The government of Haryana led by Chief Minister Jagdish Khattar had no plan to control the Baba's devotees, as the BJP government of Haryana was hand in glove with the Baba, who has a sizeable following and the BJP is keen that his followers vote for the party.

The Chief Minister is rumoured to be close to the Baba, but his dereliction of responsibility is an eye opener, as to the type of government the BJP has brought in.

Helpless BJP

Massive crowds went on a burning and looting spree with the BJP Haryana government a passive bystander. The conduct of the Chief Minister has brought strictures from the High Court, which has directed that all the damages done by his supporters must be made good by selling the assets of the Baba.

The Prime minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister have shown they are helpless in the matter and the nation is asking why the Haryana Chief minister is not dismissed. The worse news is received that the Baba is being given VIP treatment and he was taken from the High Court premises to the jail in a helicopter.

Last word

Right thinking Indians have heaved a sigh of relief over the conviction, as people like the Baba Ram Rahim have been indulging in rapes and killings with impunity. Another God man Asaram Bapu is already jailed for multiple rapes of young girls. He also has a large following. This is the bane of India.