The Humvee is the standard military transport vehicle of the US army. It has a rugged body with a high powered engine and has the ability to operate in mountains and deserts. The US army has inducted hundreds of Humvees for duty in Afghanistan. These vehicles have also been given to the Afghan Army and police. Unfortunately, many of these have fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Captured Humvees loaded with explosives driven by suicide bombers attacked an army camp in Kandahar province. The attack on Thursday was lethal and in no time the entire camp was destroyed.

Out of 60 soldiers, only two have survived the attack and 43 are confirmed dead. This news is reported by UK news.


The use of the sturdy Humvees by the Taliban has added a new dimension to the war in Afghanistan. The Humvees have been captured by the Taliban in battles with the Afghan troops. This loss speaks poorly of the efficacy of the Afghan army and police. It looks that the war is going badly for the US and the government forces as tens of government soldiers are being killed every day. The Humvees were also used in an attack in Northern Afghanistan causing many deaths.

Trumps troop surge

Donald Trump has approved a troop surge to bolster the 10,000 troops already in the country.

Looking at the battle scenario this looks a half-hearted measure as just a few thousand troops will not be able to stem the tide of the Taliban. As per CNN, the Taliban has already increased their area of control of the Afghan countryside significantly in the last year. They have the advantage of terrain and a safe haven in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the key players in Afghanistan and for the last two decades has been supporting a faction of the Taliban. The Intelligence wing of the Pak army, the ISI has close links with the Haqqani faction. This is part of Pakistans strategy of combating India and keeping Afghanistan within its sphere of influence.

Fresh approach

The changed battle scenario calls for a fresh approach by Trump and the US generals. The Taliban at the moment look unstoppable and the US will have to give more importance to this theater. One is reminded that George Bush similarly put the Afghan war on the back burner when he shifted focus to Iraq. The result? The Taliban escaped and regrouped with Pak help and now one can see the result. Trump may similarly lose focus on Afghanistan as he concentrates on North Korea and the Taliban may by default win a victory.