Media Coverage of terror incidents are largely misrepresentative of the issue and they largely focus on the West. However, there are wars happening as we live in comfort and can express the views we do. Britain has often disregarded our liberties and freedoms without fully understanding the alternative. This is largely down to media coverage and self-entitlement.

Western values and countries are often called the victims of Islamist extremism, when in fact they hate everyone, including those who support the Islamic ideology.

A global issue

ISIL have claimed to have conducted or inspired over 70 terrorist attacks in 20 different countries, not including Iraq or Syria.

Yet we only hear of a handful of those incidents, but in 2013, Iraq suffered 14 attacks that had an estimated 1,041 dead, with 2,221+ injured. In 2014, Belgium, Australia (twice), Canada (twice), United States and France all saw incidents that left just 6 dead and 12 injured. 2015 saw an escalation of incidents around the world including, Tunisia, Kuwait, Libya, Denmark, Yemen, Lebanon plus many more, that saw 1,020 killed and 2171+ injured and most of those deaths and injuries coming from within Muslim states.

The same trend happened again in 2016, with ISIL claiming responsibility for 1,456+ deaths and 3,505 injured, most of which in nations that are Islamic. 2017 has seen them extend themselves to the UK and the Philippines, the latter seeing 178 killed in May.

The whole year so far has seen 463+ killed and 7,270+ injured, most of which have come in nations outside of Western culture. They have no care for what your beliefs are, they are fascist and want things pure or at least their version of pure.

However, ISIL are weak and they will falter but other Islamist extremists will take their place if we do not change how we conduct ourselves in the world.

Every action has an equal reaction, the world is paying for our Foreign Policy and Conservative government failings to fix the mistakes of the last 50+ years of foreign policy that has seen the rise in extremism.