France is heading for an election to elect its president. Earlier it was assumed that the far right candidate of the National Front party, Le Pen would definitely lose in the final run up. However, the events of the last few days have given a new twist to the presidential election. A radical Islamic attack in the heart of Paris, in which one policeman was shot dead, has made the atmosphere murky. This terror attack is a shot in the arm of the campaign of Le Pen. Suddenly the lady has come into the reckoning and many people feel she will put in a very good show.

The US President Donald Trump has commented on the election and said that the voters will now be swayed in favour of the far right. He has not said it in so many words, but it is clear Donald favors a Le Pen victory. For her part, Le Pen has not said anything to show that she is inspired by Donald Trump, but there is no doubt that her thoughts are very close to the US President. The attack in Paris is a big blow to the centrist and left-wing candidates. The French people are alarmed and a psychosis of fear seems to have swept the countryside

All guns blazing

Le Pen has seized the moment and come out with all guns blazing against Muslims and Islamic fundamentalism. She has called for the closure of all mosques in France and deportation of Muslims who are even weakly connected with any terror activity.

Generally, the people are feeling insecure after the recent terror attacks and there is a good chance that this will lead to more votes for Le Pen.

Le Pen and Europe

Can Le Pen sit back and assume that she will win? Victory is still miles away and one should not forget that the candidate of the far right Gert Wilder was unable to reach any position of power in the Holland elections.

For Le Pen, this is her best chance to become the president of France. In case she wins the politics of Europe will dramatically change. She has already announced that she would like the borders of France to come back and that means leaving the European Union. Her victory may well sound the death knell of the European Union.

The Muslim community is also worried at her victory, as they may be reduced to second class citizens.


France have been passing through some trying times in the last 2 years and a number of terror attacks have led to over 200 Frenchmenn being killed. The situation is ripe for a Le Pen victory. But the age old saying that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip can come true. Le Pen may yet loose like her father did