The Blue Whale: Online Suicide Game

The online suicide game The Blue Whale has given much to talk about in recent times, by a number of deaths the world has witnessed. There are police officers from several countries who have investigated the various cases of attempted suicide, mainly motivated by The Blue Whale game. The creator of the deadly game, Filipp Budeykin, was again arrested by the Russian authorities for being the main responsible for creating the game, which has killed hundreds of young people around the world. The author of the game has also been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in St.

Petersburg since Filipp Budeykin suffers from bipolar disorder.

The Blue Whale: What does the game consist of?

For those who do not know, the online game The Blue Whale emerged in Russia and nowadays is present in several countries of the world. The main purpose of the suicide challenge is to get players to commit suicide at the end of the game. This challenge is mainly present in social networks, in groups, or even private conversations. According to data collected by the Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Notícias, the target audience for the challenge are the younger people, from adolescence to even the beginning of adulthood.

There are several rules for the game to be fulfilled, just as Filipp Budeykin created it.

Players are required by people more senior in the game to fulfil a total of 50 challenges that will be made daily. According to the Portuguese newspaper, these older players are responsible for threatening new players until they reach the final challenge. All the daily challenges are about violent attitudes both physically and psychologically.

The Blue Whale: Last challenge

The last challenge is to get the most recent players to commit suicide. Another important fact about the online game The Blue Whale is that the young people when they try to give up the challenge, are threatened by the mentors, who do not allow the abandonment of the suicidal game. Jornal de Notícias has been able to access some challenges that mentors require of their new players.

One is to force them to cut the arm with a blade over the veins, then take a picture and send it to the mentors for evaluation. Another challenge requires players to listen to songs that are sent by more experienced players. The last challenge that the Portuguese newspaper could discover is to write the acronym F57 in the palm of the hand with a razor.