The US has sent a strike group to the Korean peninsula, that consists of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, two guided-missile destroyers and a guided-missile cruiser. But will this increase tensions between the secret state and the US? North Korea have recently tested a medium range missile and several nuclear tests, with more expected that could lead to the development of a nuclear warhead that could reach the US.

North Korea could test an intercontinental missile despite it being banned under UN resolutions, however, they have frequently ignored these resolutions.

An act of aggression?

Following military exercises between the US and South Korea, the North Koreans have said they see this as preparation of an invasion. They also state that the move by the US to send a strike group is an "intolerable Act Of Aggression against a sovereign state.” They also see this as a legitimate reason to bolster their own military forces. The dangers for the US are the citizens of the secret state because they are fed anti-western propaganda on a daily basis and this act could further legitimise Kim Jong-Un’s power and ability to increase their military and nuclear capacity with little to no objections.

China have been vocal in their concern of the nuclear programme but are reluctant to isolate their allies and trading partners.

Trump has previously stated that if China won’t do anything then the US will. The move by the US could strain the relationship with China after recent talks were successful but still highly sensitive. They do not want US military on their doorstep and this move could prove to be the undoing of any formal talks.

Furthermore, North Korea will be watching in anticipation over how Donald Trump will react over Syria.

Will he send forces into the region, swiftly changing US policy of supporting Assad’s regime, or will he just send a series of airstrikes? He might even work with the UN and other nations to find a peaceful solution and help create a ceasefire, however, this seems unlikely.