pakistan means the land of the pure. Unfortunately, sectarian politics have driven the country down the path of destruction. Religious bigotry has reared its ugly head. Yesterday.a respected professor of the Punjab University at Lahore, Tahira Abdullah was found dead in her house. Obviously, he has been murdered. The professor was an Ahmadi who is not recognised as Muslims in Pakistan. Hence they are subject to frequent attacks as well as persecuted by the majority Sunni community. The death of the professor comes close on the heels of two other prominent murders.

The first murder took place on March 30 when a cousin of the Nobel Laureate Dr.Abdul Salam was shot dead in Dera Baba Nanak. A week later a well-known veterinary doctor was killed in Lahore. The murders were claimed by the banned Jamat ul Abrar


These murders point to a sorry state of affairs in Pakistan where minorities are persecuted and many indiscriminately killed. The Ahmadi community is the worst off as they have been declared heretic by the Pakistan constitution and are not recognised as Muslims. They are also forbidden to call themselves Muslim. Their mosques are vandalised and bombed.

The Pakistan constitution which talks about freedom and protection of minorities remains only a promise and the government is unable to enforce it.

The case of the professor is sad. She had retired 3 years back and had been re-employed by the Lahore University. She was an educated lady who was working in the molecular genetic department. She was attacked by a sharp instrument and killed

Police investigation

The police have been informed of the incident and the Punjab forensic department officials have reached the site and started collecting forensic evidence.

Investigations are on, but it looks like that the killers will never be caught. The professor was living alone. Her daughter who is in Karachi is untraceable

Sectarian killing

Sectarian killings are the bane of Pakistan and the entire country is governed by a psychosis of fear. Just a few days back Muslim youth was bludgeoned to death by a massive crowd inside the university on the charge that he had insulted Muhammad.

The blasphemy law in Pakistan is another law that is like anchor round the neck of the Pakistan state.The entire state of Pakistan is now in the grip of a violent struggle for survival. Extremist.Wahabi terror groups want to enforce the Sharia in Pakistan and force all minorities to convert to Islam.

Last word

The murder of the professor is a matter of intense sadness and one hopes the Pakistan government will crack down on such people who target minorities and in particular the Ahmadi sect.