Pakistani political scenario has been changing since the beginning of the judicial trial on Panama gate. Opposition leader Imran Khan has been criticising the government for lack of transparency due to offshore companies’ and absence of money trail in Panama scandal. Pakistani democracy will witness the second ever smooth democratic transition of power in 2018.

pakistan has been a sandwich between military rule and weak democratic governance since the independence of the country in 1947. According to political analysts in Pakistan, judicial decision of Panama gate will determine the political future of Sharif family in the country.

After the judicial intervention in Panama scandal, political parties agreed to solve the crisis in Supreme Court because capital lockdown call by opposition leader had posed serious threats to fragile democracy of the country.

Ruling party vows to gain public support

All the political parties have to compete in 2018 elections because elections will determine the political stake and capital of all political parties in parliament. After the public criticism and satirical judicial remarks, Pakistan Muslim League (N) has initiated massive campaign to mobilise public in strongholds of the party. As part of the party’s policy to conduct public rallies in support of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, thousands of protesters gathered in Lahore and chanted slogans in favour of party leadership.

Rally was organised by the youth leader of party Hamza Mustafa—who is also profound national orator of country—in the Gulshan-e-Ravi area of Lahore City. Opposition party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf allegedly enjoys popular youth support in Pakistan, but youth mobilisation campaign of ruling party can turn the tide before the important electoral contest.

Chief Minister of Punjab promulgated youth-oriented schemes—including laptop distribution initiative—before the 2013 general elections in Pakistan and gained political leverage.

Political dynamics are changing in Pakistan

Future political dynamics and a judicial decision will prove as an effective matrix to measure the success of such youth-oriented rallies in the country. As per the words of one of the leading political analyst of country, Pakistani political scenario has always been the aggregation of unpredictable circumstances for the past seventy years