Due to many past incidents, Pakistan has been termed as one of the most dangerous countries for Love couples due to ongoing extremism and trends of public lynching. Many couples who married by mutual consent lost their lives due to violent incidents, instigated and executed by the organized mob. Conservative scholars term these violent incidents as mob justice, while liberal and progressive segments of society are worried, and annoyed over prevailing hooliganism and mob lynching.

Hooliganism is common in Pakistan

According to Police report, Faisal Kadirr is a resident of Islamabad currently living in Lahore.

He provided security and patronage to Imran Ali and Samreen Ali when they came to his home after they decided to spend life together. Both started getting threats by religious extremists, family members, and other relatives. Due to continuous on-going life threats, the couple escaped Pakistan and settled in the foreign country.

A few days ago, a group of charged and motivated religious fundamentals raided the house of Faisal Kadirr and brutally tortured him and also tried to abduct him, but they couldn't succeed due to the timely intervention of Police. According to the statement recorded by Faisal Kaddir before the Police, the mob was accusing him of facilitating the un-Islamic act because religious conservatives didn't tolerate the existence of love couples.

Currently, Police are providing security and protection to Faisal Kadirr. When the Police chief of Lahore City was asked to comment on this story on 20Th August in his office in Lahore, He said, "Police are taking strict punitive measures to arrest the culprits. We assure you that we will do our best to provide justice to victim Faisal Kadirr." The senior lawyer, analyst, and former president of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, Ali Zafar said, it's socially not allowed to fall in love, but legally it's allowed.

He further added, the person who saved the lives of Imran Ali and Samreen Ali shouldn't have been tortured and harassed in an inhumane manner.

He was requested to make comments on the story when he was sitting in his office in Lahore on 20th August. Despite the claims made by Police, the culprits haven't been arrested yet and still threatening Faisal Kadirr.

Final words

Many social activists, liberal rights activists, and progressive politicians have demanded the government to take serious and retributive actions against the goons who have been consistently attacking, threatening and taking the lives of people due to their liberal and progressive actions.