A 32-year-old German woman is standing trial in Munich after being charged with murdering her lover and then decapitating his body with an electric circular saw. Under Germany’s privacy laws, the woman has been identified only as Gabrielle P (thanks, Angela). The accusation claims that he was blindfolded and tied to the bed when she killed him as part of a sexual game.

Gabrielle P decapitated corpse after killing

The prosecuting attorneys claim that after killing her 28-year-old lover, who has only been identified as Alex H in the German news reports (and, in some cases, he is conflictingly referred to as Sebastian H), Gabrielle P used an electric circular saw to remove his head.

Whether or not this was still part of the game or just Gabrielle’s general unbridled madness has not yet been specified.

Gabrielle P has confessed to murdering Alex H, but her defence attorneys have a trick up their sleeve to get her off (no pun intended). They are going to tell the court that the killing was an unpremeditated act of desperation. They’re claiming that she was driven to take such extreme action by Alex H’s abuse, forcing her to partake in these sex games, which she told the jury she finds degrading when the trial began on Monday.

The killing took place in 2008

Gabrielle P did an admirable job of covering up her tracks, since the murder actually took place in 2008, and she managed to keep it under wraps for almost a decade.

Gabrielle P was 23 when she killed Alex H, and the murder went undiscovered until last February, when his cadaver was found dismembered and buried in the back garden of the house in which he lived with Gabrielle P in Munich, and it’s taken a full year to go to trial.

Gabrielle P was only 16 years old when she met Alex H. When she turned 18, they moved into the house and lived together, which placed a great strain on their relationship.

According to Gabrielle P, Alex H was “two different people,” identifying her favourite of the two as “the one I fell in love with,” who she describes as “cultured and funny.” However, the other one was a dark sexual beast, and her lawyers are going to present the court with Alex H’s sex diary, which contains the details of all the grim sex acts Gabrielle P claims he forced her into.

In December 2008, Gabrielle P and Alex H had the mother of all arguments and she kicked him out, before forgiving him and letting him back in the house. The prosecutors claim that she only let him back in because she had decided she wanted to kill him, despite the defence’s claims that the murder was not premeditated.

The murder was pretty horrific

On the night that Gabrielle P killed him, Alex H blindfolded himself and asked her to tie him to the bed. She supposedly killed him by pressing the circular saw into his chest, so grisly stuff. According to the defence, the saw was in the room due to renovations being done on the house and she acted on impulse. She apparently then used the saw to decapitate the corpse, then covered him up with a sheet and left him there for six months.

Eventually Gabrielle P took a new lover, Christian K, and he must’ve been pretty desperate because he didn’t tell police about the body and instead helped her bury it in the back garden. Christian K (which sounds like a religious breakfast cereal) has received a jail sentence of two years and eight months.

Alex H’s adoptive mother: Gabrielle P is ‘lying’

The couple who adopted and raised Alex H heard a false claim that their missing son had moved to Romania with a new lover to live off the grid. Having been lied to about this, Alex H’s adoptive mother Thea E is very dubious of anything Gabrielle P has to say in court. Thea E says she is “lying” and that she wants to “look into her eyes and see if she’s really such a cold monster.”