2016 in Baghdad ended with two blasts in the central district of Al Sinak market. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up simultaneously, killing 28 people and injuring more than 50. It happened on Saturday, Dec. 31 during rush hour when sellers and buyers flock to the market stalls in the heart of Baghdad.

Immediate claims of ISIS

ISIS was not long in coming and has immediately claimed responsibility for the blasts. In a statement released on the Internet the authenticity of which has not yet been able to be confirmed, the terrorist group has claimed the attackers by naming them Abu Nayaf and Abu Abdel-malek al Iraqi.

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has also not missed an opportunity to make the matter worse by threatening more attacks against Shia Muslims. "Many of the victims were sellers of spare parts, gathered around a table to eat breakfast at the time of the explosions," Iraqi media was told by a survivor seller Ibrahim Mohamed Ali .

Attack resulting in death of 28 and over 50 injured

At the moment there are 28 confirmed deaths and the number of injured exceeds fifty, as well as extensive damage to buildings and vehicles. A few days ago, the anti-terrorist troops had announced the start of a new military operation 'Oust' in eastern districts of Mosul against ISIS.

Mosul is the Iraq's second biggest city and hopefully the last bastion of the jihadist.

The military campaign in the Ninawa province was started on 17 October 2016 with the participation of the army, the Kurdish troops "Pashmergas" and the Shia militia pro-government "popular Multitude." Until now, the joint forces are able to advance on all fronts in the city of Mosul also riding in the east and also getting control of some neighborhoods.

New Year with mourning

The attack fades the preparations for the new year celebrations to black. Citizens had planned to head for celebrations of some sort but the incident has squashed any hopes of that as the people are now mourning their dead. The attack put an end to the period of relative calm in the Iraqi capital.