Hong Kong has been enjoying the separation of powers (separation of judiciary, legislative and executive power).

The aim of it is to limit any one branch from exercising the core function of another. This has been one of the core values in Hong Kong. However, the separation of powers have been challenged in Hong Kong recently. Executive branch is trying to overrides the independence of judicial and the legislative power. In the 'pledge incident' and the Chef Executive abuses his power by applying for judicial review for the case, and intervene issues happening in the legislative council which should not be happened.

Changing of the guard in Hong Kong

The 'pledge incident' happened in the first legislative council meeting. The newly elected legislative council members, Yau Wai Ching and Leung Chung Hang mentioned offensive word during their pledges thus their pledges were regarded as invalid. Generally they should be given a second chance for the pledge. But soon , Chef Executive applied for Judicial Review in order to forbidden them for being a legislative council member and prohibite them from making another pledge.

First, this issue should be able to solved within legislative council since this is a legislative incident . The Chef Executive should not apply for Judicial Review as this would already be seen as abusing his rights and using his executive power to overrides the legislative power in order to intervene the issues happening in the legislative council, while he has absolutely no right to do so.

Second, the two legislative council members should not be put down in this way as they were elected democratically and they represent the views of thirty thousand voters. Even the chef executive does not have to right to put them down.The focus of the incident is no longer on the offensive word that they used in their pledge.

But it is about the separation of powers and their rights.

Let me make it clear here, I do not support the behaviour of the two 'localist' during their pledge. However, I would fight for their rights of being a member in legislative council and protect the core values of Hong Kong. Otherwise, with this ridiculous precedent, the core values in Hong Kong would be destroyed.