If your car breaks down beyond repair you can buy a new one, if a human loses a life, that human is lost forever and there will be no-one like that again on this planet. As we all continue onwards with our lives, why have we stopped caring about the lives of other Humans? The EU referendum is the talk of the country and it should be talked about because our futures reside on the decision. But with this inward thought process the current world disasters and Refugee Crisis are largely being ignored.

It would seem the UK has forgotten of the tragedy that is happening outside of the spit of land we live on, there is a distinct fear that we would forget about the true issue that we all face as humans.

The main issues at hand are climate change, tax evasion, corruption, war and of course the refugee crisis.

Difference in Choices

Society within Britain needs to remember that they are all lucky, we live in a society of choices at every turn, whereas they live with 2 choices that must be made. But this is not a choice between life or death, it is simply the choices of certain death or a possible chance of life. As the first pictures of Aylan Kurdi surfaced within the public eye, so many calls on the government to do more were heard, however now the voices have quietened down, and have been doing so little to tackle this issue, why?

Demonising and Ignorance

This is a situation that rages on irrespective of whether we are part of the EU or not, and something that will continue for years to come.

The UK must do more within the world, but it is becoming increasingly selfish and inward looking, when those fleeing civil wars continues to rise. In 2010 Roy Beck hosted a talk on US immigration policy and attempted to explain the shortfalls, this was called ‘World Poverty, Immigration and Gumballs’.

Beck called on the US to do more abroad in the home countries of those fleeing warzones.

However, he missed out some vital information and largely claimed that the state of the countries is the fault of those fleeing these tragic zones. He missed (most likely purposely) the fact that it was US bombs that have turned a vast amount of thriving multi-cultural cities into crumbling states, and that it helped the rise of extremist groups like ISIL.

Recently many Trump supporters have been using the Skittle analogy to dehumanise immigrants and refugees. This is the same rhetoric that Beck used back in 2010.

The British public have been guilty of ignoring those within these zones but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Even if you can't do anything yourself, just stop to think what you have in your life, stop and think what they don't have. If you can still say your life is still bad, then it is likely that you are a hypochondriac with very little human left in you.

Media Dehumanisation

When the media started dehumanising these people to fit their own agendas, they showed that the west don’t care. Human society has a duty to help each other and despite objections, thrive for deeper integration with every culture on earth and celebrate how diverse the human can be.

But the world is in turmoil and those who want to change it must lead by example and look towards a better future of understanding. That first step is to help those in true need so that the example is set for those to follow and eventually change our future.