Theresa May’s Brexit plans are seemingly more destructive than constructive, she continues the path of a hard-Brexit, which will almost certainly cripple the economy. However, the real issue comes with society and the cost of Social Cohesion, the UK and our place in the world. Whilst many leading Brexiteers offer the same narrative, that we will be free to trade with the world and enter a truly global market, there is a massive feeling of uncertainty within the current climate.

Immigration is wrongly being blamed for all the countries issues and we have a PM that has no care about addressing the deepening social divides and inequalities within the country.

Brexit Means Hate

Racial attackshave significantly increasedsince Brexit, giving bigotry, xenophobia and racism mainstream voices. A government wanting to pursue harsh immigration measures that even UKIP members were shocked by. May offers little to no answers in regardsto the concerns of the public, with “Brexit means Brexit” soundbite be repeated all too often. This is nothing more than a palm off from the reality that she doesn’t fully understand what she is doing, and neither do her three Brexiteers. Boris Johnson has recently positioned himself in opposition to her plans to leave the single market, without sayingso much.

May is under the illusion that Britain can leave the single market, keep the trade deals and all the favours we currently have.

She said in parliament that she is going to the negotiations with ambitious plans to control our borders and have extremely favourable trade terms. This won’t happen for most us, there is a significant danger that in a bid to attract big business we become a tax haven for corporations. This will put more pressure on our economy in the long run, and hit those who earn the least, ensuring that inequality gets progressively worse.

Regressive Solutions and Ideology

May’s ‘solutions’ to major issues are socially regressive, economically destructive and wholly inadequate. She has a cabinet that has lurched so far to the right that the very existence of UKIP is in danger. The government have recently approved the plans of another runway at Heathrow, this shows that she lacks any will to offer progress to society.

Heathrow is already the largest airport in the country and offers more flights than any other, expanding Heathrow will only further monopolise air travel to London, cutting off many other parts of the country where it is difficult to access major airports.

In 2015 Heathrow attracted 74,985,748 passengers, whereas Gatwick attracted 40,269,087. This is a difference of 34,716,661 and for airports that are both in London highlights a significant gap. The busiest airport outside of London was Manchester, which had 23,136,047 passengers and that represents difference of 51,849,701. That gap will only rise under these new plans, and this will further increase the north-south divide. This policy highlights May’s ideology perfectly and she is someone who wishes to only preserve the status quo.

Theresa May doesn’t have many answers in regards to Brexit, and only ever offers the same narrative and she has used immigration as a tool to get what she wants.

Preservation Not Progression

A hard-Brexit to help preserve the status quo, keep the conservatives in power through societal divisions that don’t allow any opposition to garner a majority support from the population. Simple narratives and nice soundbites that even the most intelligent can swallow whole, including continual blaming of everything else other than their own policies. Even though recent leaked documents from the Treasury state that Tory economic policy has failed, but of course it is the fault of humans that want a better life for themselves and their families. Sounds like everyone in this country, let alone everyone across the globe that are born in a far less secure or war torn countries.