According to reports coming from the middle east, Israel has attacked two targets on the highway connecting Damascus and Beirut, targeting the Syrian Army which is currently fighting rebel forces, including ISIS. Russia and Assad supporters linked the attack to the achievements the Syrian regime and its partners had recently on regaining territory invaded by terrorist forces "ISIS" in Aleppo and its surrounding areas. The Assad regime and Putin accuse Israel of supporting and aiding the rebels seeking to oust the Syrian president.

Israel has fought Hezbollah for years

The Times of Israel notes that this is not the first such incident attributed to the Israeli Air Force. Israeli, the paper notes, has vowed to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining 'game-changing' arms.The region is plagued by many wars throughout the years, and Israel is diplomatically isolated in the region ever since it's foundation sixty years ago, when a huge Jewish diaspora occurred as a result of the founding of the Jewish state and backlashes from Arab nations followed.

Hezbollah does not recognize Israel state

The Hezbollah although a protecting force in Lebanon and Syria, are unwelcoming towards Israel and it's status as a sovereignty state. Israel and Palestine public support and opinions are very divided and the cause of much enmity between the West and the Middle East.

The Obama administration has supported rebel forces, at times providing weapons to groups suspected of been terrorists. Israel is caught in a very complex region with many enemies.

Trump may be the hope needed to end the Syrian crisis

It is expected that Trump's administration will have a different approach to the Syrian crisis and enter an agreement with Russia.

The last hope for this Russian-American proxy. Syrian opinion is divided, an Arab Assad supporter shared via her facebook "although Trump hates Muslims, we are excited to see an agreement between Russia and America so this war can end. Trump may not like Muslims, but Obama is killing us".

Many people believe a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine would create harmony in the middle east again. But, for that to happen both sides would need to compromise on borders limitations and extended support. We can always hope!