Sadly, the world has become a more dangerous place over the last decade. There have been dramatic declines in the safety and security in all main regions of the world, report of Global Peace Index reveals. Another report of The Legatum Prosperity Index 2016 highlights that there are over 160 unsafe countries. Their classification is based on the state-sponsored violence, property thefts, assaults, international conflicts, and other factors. The index points out that the number of internal and external conflicts in the states is increasing day by day.

A few prominent ones are Nigeria, Russia, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Syria. The detailed list is given below:


Living in Kenya has always been dangerous. If you have plans to rent an apartment here, then let me make it clear that your neighbors are likely to be involved in Crimes and they may ruin your life. The Global Peace Index report clarifies that in this region of the world, every second family is involved in threats. A large number of extremists lives close to the Kenya-Somalia border. Because of the high rate of kidnapping and frequent incursions, Kenyan defense forces are now forced by Somalians to take very serious actions.

On the other hand, the terrorist attacks occur in almost all parts of this country. Kenya has been the serious victim of mugging, carjacking, and armed robbery.


The struggle for power has made Nigeria an unsafe and dangerous place for residents. The incident of December 2015 took many lives in this country. The issues between the Nigerian Security Forces and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria broke out, and ultimately many innocents were killed.

On the other hand, this country has been targeted by various Islamic Movement organizations who want to establish Islamic law in Nigeria, removing the western influence. Due to the excessive involvement of outside forces, the country suffers from political threats, maritime attacks, and other problems.


Iraq is often regarded as a land of war.

Subsequent to the Iraqi Civil War that took place during 2014-15, the country has been divided into three factions: one part is under the influence of Iraq’s central government, second is the Islamic State of Iraq, and third is under the supervision of Kurdistan Regional Government. When the US troops withdrew from this country in 2011, the Sunni militant groups came in front and started targeting Iraq’s majority Shi’a population. This has been followed by a lot of international and local conflicts. The current Syrian Civil War has killed over 170,000 civilians, Global Peace Index claims.