Chevening will not only be occupied by Boris Johnson, the new Foreign Secretary, but it will also be shared by the ’BrexitUnit’ David Davis (Secretary of the State for Brexit) and Liam Fox (International Trade). But how will these three men influence Brexit, and what has their history in politics been?

David Davis.

Davis has been in Parliament since 1987, entering at 38 for the Boothferry constituency. Not only that, but Davis was Conservative party chairman and the shadow Deputy Prime Minister and shadow Home Secretary in his time in parliament.

Arguably most importantly, Davis has experience under Major as the Minister of State for Europe. Brexit, like Johnson, was a Brexit campaigner in the 2016 EU referendum and therefore it may be his desire to leave the EU which the PM saw as desirable.

Davis has previously said that Brexit will mean that we are more like Canada, and explained his plans for Brexit in The Sun.

  1. Discuss trade deals quickly.
  2. Control immigration.
  3. Lessen deficit.
  4. Halt new EU regulations.
  5. Trigger article 50 early 2017
  6. Confer firms, unions and universities.

He has stated that “we will have a more dynamic economy”.

Liam Fox.

Fox began as MP for Woodspring since 1992 and has held roles many roles in parliament: he has been under the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, and was Chairman of the Conservative Party from late 2003 until 2005, and he also was Shadow Foreign Secretary, and Secretary for the State for Defence under Cameron.

Fox’s new role as part of the Brexit unit is Secretary of the State for International Trade.

So far, it can be seen that Fox’s plans are focussed on negotiations with the US, and has recently announced plans to open three new offices across the US for UK trade. Both of these men have had experience within Europe, and therefore should know the ropes of the EU and may have some experience in making negotiations.

Boris Johnson.

Boris’ appointment has been made a laughing stock of since May made the decision. Johnson has made comments about Clinton, Obama, Trump, Putin, Turkish President: Erdogan only to name a few. His record talking about foreign leaders, and potential leaders may have difficulty for Johnson when talking about Brexit negotiations, especially in the US when either Trump or Clinton will indefinitely be US President.

However, Johnson has already seen to taken a diplomatic stance and has been in discussions with leaders – the silly side of Johnson seems to be hidden since his posting as Foreign Secretary, and the experience of Johnson living in Brussels and his knowledge of the EU may be a surprise to us all – but he may be the perfect thing for Britain.

An alleged leek of his plans suggests he Britain may implement a points system for immigration, similar to Australian legislation and seems to believe that we will still have full access to the ‘single market’.

Dubbed “The Three Brexiters” these men are the hope we have for Brexit, and will be the leading role in Britain leaving the EU, although Theresa May will have great influence – these men’s negotiations will be the future of Britain.