The Russian military intervention in Syriahas become a manifestation of power that overturns the strategic balance in the world: the army of Moscow has "blinded" completely the US and NATO, preventing them to observe what is happening on the ground. Only the Russians and the Syrians have the ability to assess the situation on the ground, warns Thierry Meyssan. Moscow and Damascus intend to make the most of their advantage and thus maintain the secrecy of their operations. They would have been killed at least 5,000 jihadists, including many leaders of Ahrar al-Sham, Al-Qaeda and Isis, while at least 10,000 mercenaries fled to Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.

The Syrian army and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah have regained the ground without waiting for the Iranians announced reinforcements. The Pentagon is dazed, "divided between those who seek to minimize the facts and to find a flaw in the Russian system and those who, on the contrary, believe that the United States have lost their superiority in the field of conventional war and that they will need many years to recover. "

Even ten days ago, Meyssan writes about "Voltaire Network," the former defense secretary Robert Gates and former adviser to Condoleezza Rice spoke lasicurezza national Russian army as a force of "second class." How is it possible that Russia is able to produce high-tech weapons that the Pentagon not judge the extent of the phenomenon?

"In Washington, the shock is so great that the White House has just canceled the official visit of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and a delegation of the Russian general staff," adds Meyssan. "The decision was taken after a similar visit to Turkey by a delegation from the Russian military." In fact, he realizes that "it is useless to discuss the operations in Syria because the Pentagon does not know what is happening." Furious, the "liberal hawks" and the neocons 'claim to increase the military budget ", and meanwhile they got from Obama' stop the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan."

The situation is literally reversing, the analyst continues: "Russia is not doing nothing but save the Syrian people and the other Member proposes to collaborate with them, while the United States held the record when the military imposed its own economic system and destroyed many states.

" There is no doubt that the uncertain statements of Washington during deployment Russian, before the offensive, "should not be interpreted as a slow adaptation of the political official rhetoric," but what actually expressed: "The Pentagon did not know the territory. He became deaf and blind. " After the incident at the US naval unit, the USS Donald Cook, broken down over the Black Sea April 12, 2014 after being overflown by a Sukhoi Su-24 equipped with equipment for electronic warfare, showed that " the Russian air force has a weapon that can overshadow all the radar, control circuits, transmission systems information.


At the beginning of his military deployment, Moscow has installed north of Latakia center disorder (radar jamming) very powerful: "Suddenly you are rechecked the incident of Donald Cook, but this time in a radius of 300 km, comprising the NATO base at Incirlik in Turkey. He still goes on. " Since the event occurred during a sandstorm intensity historic, says Meyssan, the Pentagon initially thought that his detection devices were out of order, before realizing that they were all blacked out. Today, the analyst continues, the modern conventional warfare is based on technology "C4i" or "command", "control", "communications", "computer" and "intelligence". "The satellites, aircraft and drones, ships and submarines, tanks, and now the fighters are linked by communications permanent allowing states more to drive the battles. Is all this together, the nervous system of NATO, which has now been overshadowed in Syria and in Turkey. "