MTV is known for being a fresh, bold and youthful channel, and it is now unveiling a massive rebranding in which the slogan "I want my MTV" will change to "I am my MTV". Partnering with B-Reel Creative, the Television network wanted to find a solution where users can upload their own content (Vines and Instagram videos) through Twitter using the #MTVbump hashtag. Each piece can be seen on air within two hours of being submitted and will promote the user's Social media handle, making the content immediate and highly local. Videos will be collected, selected and curated by MTV in a way to filter for pop culture topicality, local relevance, or other factors.

Both fans and artists can take advantage of MTV Bump. On one hand, fans will have a way to engage directly with MTV, while simultaneously artists can use the system to try and connect with their fans. There is also MTV Art Breaks, a special programming showcasing experimental video art, music and storytelling that will be featured by emerging artists around the world. MTV Canvas, which is an online sticker book where viewers can play with images and backgrounds in an MTV-branded space, including MTV's promos created by local country teams that will be louder, shorter and hyper-visual.

MTV Bump is also a program which introduces tools that will encourage creativity, and self-expression of its viewers, allowing them to add graphics, personal status updates and meme mashups in real-time.

It was launched on June, 25 in the UK, France, Sweden, Brazil, Germany and Australia. A date to hit the U.S. is not known yet because MTV wants to test it out abroad before implementing the program domestically. MTV International spans more than 160 countries reaching into 785 million households. It broadcasts in 32 languages and its goal is to open itself up to young people and emerging artists.

The rebranding of the television network was created by Richard Turley, the senior vice president of visual storytelling and deputy editorial director.