June 24 2015. UNDP partner Project Everyone launched a global cinema ad campaign at Cannes Lions for the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals, which will be adopted during the global development conference in New York in September. "Project Everyone, in support of the United Nations, is in Cannes to call upon the media community to join leading brands, NGOs, tech, mobile and media companies, to shine a spotlight on the upcoming Global Goals "the most important to-do list in history, for people and planet" announced Freida Pinto, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Richard Curtis.

June 25 2015. The UNDP is calling upon the international community amid severe funding shortage, which has left millions of Syrian refugees and host countries struggling for vital support. $4.53 billion is required to alleviate the needs of over 3.9 million refugees. So far only $1.06 billion has been received leaving a gap of $3.47 billion. Not closing the gap could have severe repercussions, at many different levels, and potentially leading to one of the worst humanitarian disaster of history.

In collaboration with the World Bank and the European Union, the UNDP trained, this week in Panama, more than 40 experts in how to conduct critical post-disaster needs assessments. This training is part of a larger UN initiative, PDNA implementation, which has for end result the creation of a sizeable pool of global experts able to be deployed quickly and effectively following a disaster.

June 26 2015. Haoliang Xu, UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific congratulated the government of Nepal for successfully organising a rebuilding conference. The event saw numbers of generous pledges totalling $4.4 billion, which will serve the country's rebuilding effort in the aftermath of the devastating quake.

The UNDP has announced in Madrid the coming launch of a new interactive website dedicated to its Regional Human Development Report. Already available in Spanish, the english is set to be launched very soon, and will provide a platform to raise awareness on job precarity in Latin America and the Caribbean.