Tropical Storm Helene, downgraded from a hurricane, is on its way and likely to impact the UK by Monday. The UK Met Office has a weather warning in place for Monday for parts of south-west England and west Wales. Additionally, they note that later, "south-west Scotland and the south-east of Northern Ireland" should feel the effects. Gusts of wind expected will be around 55-65 mph (88-104 km/h). In places, wind gusts could reach 70-80 mph (112-128 km/h). The storm should clear quickly on Tuesday, but there's a possibility that Tropical Storm Joyce may follow the same path.

Helene and Joyce could pack a double-punch to the UK

According to Accuweather, Joyce is also in the Atlantic. The potential track could have her follow hot on the heels of Helene. Both storms should weaken, but Helene is still expected to "pack a punch," according to the Express. Manchester Evening News wrote that Storm Helene brings expected "disruption to road, rail, air and ferry services, fallen trees and possible power cuts." Danger to life warnings include flying debris and large waves along the coast.

Hurricane Florence still batters the US Carolinas

Hurricane Florence, predicted to slow down or stall off the Carolinas made landfall at a slow pace that brought rain and surges along the coast and barrier islands.

Places like Carolina Beach saw water pouring over the dunes and flooding parts of the town. Now a Tropical Storm, Florence killed five people, including an infant and mother.

A tree fell on the house, killing the baby and mom, the New York Times reported. Many other people are stranded by flooding and rescue efforts are underway.

Evacuation orders were ignored by some people, which places a strain on emergency services.

Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina urged people not to return home too early as major flooding is still anticipated. In fact, he said that if people had not yet felt the effects of the storm, they should wait as it was coming.

Rainfall levels can be measured in feet, rather than inches in places.

Typhoon Ompong (Hurricane Mangkhut) heads for Hong Kong

Typhoon Ompong, also known as Hurricane Mangkhut is much stronger and bigger than Florence. CNN reported that the massive storm hit the Philippines and is on it's way to Guangdong Province in China. It could hit Hong Kong if it stays on its current track. The Hurricane is the most powerful this year and is termed a Super-Typhoon.

South China Post's International Editorial noted that while the Super-Typhoon is losing some of it "destructive" energy battering Luzon and tracking for China, Hong Kong is preparing for the worst.

Even if it doesn't hit directly, the outer edges of the storm will batter Hong Kong. SCMP reported the government is taking no chances and has "strengthened the embankment protecting the tourist fishing village of Tai O on western Lantau Island from storm surge and there are plans to evacuate 300-400 residents by coach." Additionally, "inspectors have checked 150 drainage hotspots, and 200 slopes known to have caused problems in the past."

Hong Kong may face it's biggest typhoon threat ever. Currently, in the Philippines, wind speeds of 200 km/h (125 mph) are recorded and some gusts reach up to 330 km/h. Coastal areas have warnings of storm surges up to 6m (20ft).

Tropical Storm Helene, Hurricane Joyce, Florence and Mangkhut pose a threat to life from one stretch of the globe to the other.