Dear Florida,

Let me start off by saying how strong you are. You stood up to one of the worst hurricanes in a long time.

Hurricane Irma was one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States in years, comparable to Katrina.

Irma was not a hurricane that was to be taken lightly. She was a force to be reckoned with.

Irma came to you and tore some of your most treasured things apart.

You will rebuild. You will come out stronger than ever out of this tragedy.

I wish you a fast recovery. Hurricanes aren't something to be taken lightly.

Though I don't know anyone that resides in you, I do know the fury of a hurricane.

Florida, hurricanes like to target you.

You just got the unlucky draw

Hurricanes seem bent on turning things of beauty into things that used to be. Florida, you are full of beauty.

With all of the beautiful beaches and swamps and more, hurricanes are certain to hit you.

You see the likes of every type of person year round. The people love you.

Things that are treasured and loved always seem to be the target of a tragedy.

Hurricanes are a threat around the height of your season which is when most of the beauty you hold shines through.

Hurricane season is a season that you know well. The time of year is always a game of chance.

Games of chance are never fun, and there is always going to be a loser.

However, there is a silver lining

The people that reside within the boundaries you hold are full of love. They all have hearts of gold.

When tragedy hits, the people within your realm come together to ensure the safety of total strangers.

Strangers will become friends, friends will become closer, enemies put their differences aside for the sake of necessity.

When tragedy hits, everything changes. People will show their true colours a lot sooner.

Florida, you will bounce back from this. You and the people that love and support you will ensure that you recover as you should.

The country was torn apart when hurricanes like Katrina, Harvey, Irma, and many others hit landfall. Everyone came together as one to help each other.

This won’t change anytime soon. We all stand together.

Hurricanes will not stop appearing and leaving chaos in their wake. It is not in their nature.

But the nature of your people is to be kind and to look out for one another in times of need.

The country stands by you Florida. You will recover and be better than before.

Florida, we stand with you.


Someone that went through Katrina