According to a Christian author and preacher, Hurricane Harvey is a sign of the end of our world, and it will help give "birth to a new world".

The United States of America is known for its seasonal hurricanes, floods and furious storms, however, according to Max Lucado, a Texas preacher, Hurricane Harvey is a sign of the apocalypse.

Lucado is the Christian preacher for Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, and has seen first hand the devastating reality that is Hurricane Harvey as it has ripped through Texas. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left without a home due to the intense flooding and vast destruction brought on by the storms.

Thirty-nine people have also, unfortunately, lost their lives to the natural events, so far.

According to Lucado, these are clear signs that the world is about to end and the world's leaders are ignoring them.

What Lucado says

The Texan preacher claims that the catastrophes and calamities around the world are a sign that our planet is experiencing "birth pangs" - an intense pain felt during labour as 'she' (which in this case would be our planet) begins to Give Birth to a new world.

He claims that these birth pangs are a must as our world prepares to give birth to a new era. Lucado states it is not down to him to declare when the Lord will return back to us.

The beginning of the end, and the start of something new is upon us.

The pain must wipe away all that once was in order to allow a new life to thrive and flourish.

He states that Jesus claimed bad things would happen towards the beginning of the end, but they would not stay like this forever.

Lucado has also said this is the time for us to value our relationships, enjoy those around us, and above all value the promise of heaven.

Hurricane Harvey in stats

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency claims roughly 364,000 U.S citizens have appealed for federal emergency aid since the hurricane first hit the U.S on August 25.

As mentioned previously, thousands of people have been left homeless and a recorded 39 people have been reported dead.

From Thursday 24 to Monday 28 August, approximately 39.72 inches of rain fell on the southeast region of Texas.

However, it is expected to have risen to about 50 inches or more before the storm passes.

It had been 4,323 days since a Category 3 or higher hurricane (Wilma) made its way to the mainland of the U.S. Prior to that, 1961 was the last time a Category 4 hurricane (Carla) made its way through to Texas.