After a decade of filming in Northern Ireland, HBO is about to end filming “Game of Thrones” there for good. This is not entirely bad news. To celebrate the end of filming, HBO is planning to convert a number of iconic filming locations into visitor attractions, which will be opening in 2019.

While Spain has been showing the Spanish filming locations to fans on various tours, HBO is taking it one step further in Northern Ireland. As reported by the BBC, there will be immersive tours of iconic sets in Westeros to be enjoyed by fans of “Game of Thrones.”

Immersive ‘Game of Thrones’ experience

Fans might be in mourning right now, knowing the next season of the long-running fantasy show will be their last.

HBO is making up for that by providing a touring experience on a larger scale than ever before, including not only touring the sets but also live concerts.

Besides the breathtaking Film sets in Northern Ireland, there will also be an exhibit of costumes, weapons, art files, set decorations, props and models relating to the production of the HBO show. There will also be state-of-the-art interactive materials and digital content to enjoy which will reveal some of the wizardries behind the production of the show.

Vice President of Licensing and Retail for HBO, Jeff Peters, said in a statement that the company is thrilled to showcase all the work the creative team has put into “Game of Thrones” by preserving the filming locations and inviting their fans to explore Westeros on a Northern Ireland tour.

Peters said it also provided an opportunity to celebrate the pivotal role Northern Ireland has played in the legacy of “Game of Thrones” and to share their warmth, beauty and culture in the Legacy projects.

‘GOT’ sets and studio tours

ITV News reports that among the plans for the show’s Legacy project, there will be tours of standing sets used for Winterfell, Kings Landing and Castle Black.

There will also be a formal tour of Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Co Down. The studio tour will showcase fascinating subject matter and settings relating to all seasons of the series

Peters said they are all looking forward to opening the gates and giving fans from all over the world the excitement of stepping into the amazing sets used for filming “Game of Thrones.”

Northern Ireland tourism welcomes the project

The Chief Executive of Tourism Northern Ireland is John McGrillen, who said they are also excited about the upcoming “Game of Thrones” Legacy project. McGrillen said fans have already seen the beautiful landscapes, mountains and coastlines featured in the HBO series, but added they are thrilled to now give fans the opportunity of a full experience of all the charms of Northern Ireland while immersing themselves in the real world of Westeros.

McGrillen added that the project will bring a real change to Northern Ireland on a world tourism level and they are looking forward to welcoming many more visitors to their beautiful country. It will also make plenty more jobs available.