Celebrating Christmas without snow or cold weather may seem weird for some, but it’s normal practice in Hawaii. Holiday season is here and paradise awaits. Enjoy the sunny side of the Big Island of Hawaii during the day and/or take a drive up to the summit at Mauna Kea and play in up to a foot of snow! Possibly the only place in the world where you can build a snowman and get a tan in the same day!

Winter wonderland in paradise

The sunny US state of Hawaii has been hit by a thick blanket of snow over the past few days. it's snowing in Hawaii, and Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea are getting their first snowcaps of the season!

Happy Holiday! While weather experts say it isn’t unusual for snow to fall in the tropical holiday destination, a winter storm warning remains posted for big island summits above 12K ft. Mother Nature provided a blanket of snow covering Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa and some flurries were reported over Haleakala. It looks like a winter wonderland in Paradise. Summit roads have been closed with more snow & icy conditions expected.

Loving winter in Hawaii

Al the sea level, many communities had a snow day too! Well, some sort of... man-made snow fell over parts of the islands. You could build a snowman while temperatures on the thermometer read 78-83F! Hawaiian snow at the beach, let's get out and play at the beach!

Too much fun! You gotta love winter in Hawaii.

The weather forecast center is tracking an unstable air mass and an upper-level weather disturbance that will bring periods of rain to the state. More snow is expected to fall on Hawaii mountaintops as a storm warning goes into effect through Monday morning.

Guess which state got the first winter storm warning?

Hawaii - not New Jersey! The typical snowy US states are currently dry without a blanket of frost. According to the weather service, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii was -11C on May 17, 1979. Social media users have reacted with shock to the news of snow hitting the tropical holiday destination.

Christmas holiday spirit is around the world, let's embrace a white Christmas in Hawaii. Aloha Santa Claus! Book a winter holiday to Hawaii and immerse yourself in a different snowy Christmas.