Would you believe if I told you that kolkata, the city of Joy is also a place consisting of a number of haunted spots? If you are the kind of a person who is looking for a spooky challenge, then this is the perfect city for you. Today we will be discussing the five most haunted places of Kolkata, and that too in a detailed manner. So all you have to do is to read this up, pack your bags, chalk out a plan and visit the places one by one. These places will definitely bring out the explorer in you

Haunted places in North Kolkata:

Ghats of Ganges- If you suddenly saw a hand waiving out in the middle of the river asking for help, wouldn't you just jump right in?

Well, don't if the place is just beneath the Howrah Bridge. This is because of the fact that many people have seen such paranormal occurrences before the break of dawn and it is said that the spirits of those who committed suicide plays such tricks in order to lure mortals towards their deaths.

Putulbari- The House of dolls in Ahiritola is another such place where some paranormal activities have been noticed at night accompanied with unexplained sounds. This rag doll adorned house looks downright creepy right from the outside.

Haunted spots in South Kolkata:

National Library- In the Bhasha Bhavan of the National Library has witnessed some unexplained happenings and it is said that the spirit of a British persona guards the place till this date.

So this might be an apt place for ghost hunting for you.

Ravindra Sarovar Station- Try riding the last metro from this station and you are bound to notice something. Many passengers have complained of apparitions leaping on the tracks in front of the metro and they are probably the spirits of the people who committed suicide there.

Race course- If you are in front of the race course in moonlit nights, you might spot a white mare galloping across the race course. People say it is the spirit of the mare named Pride, which died right after she lost a race.

So now that you know the spots, what are you waiting for?