As a Hong Kong student, cultural differences are obviously seen between Asia and Europe. It really takes time to adapt to a new environment. But it will be the best study experience that I have ever had!

# Courageous taken

‘Great things never came from comfort zones', quote from Rajat Dogra. Leaving your own comfort zone isn't easy and also means that you are ready for new challenges. If you have got courage and decided to go somewhere else that you have never been, I’m sure you will achieve more than you think!

# Jet-lag

The first thing to adapt when you arrive is the jet lag.

The time zone of Hong Kong is UTC +08:00 while Germany is UTC + 01:00. Takes it easy, it usually takes around a week to totally adapt the jet-lag. If you wanna get ready before you leave, Helen Burgesssuggests adjusting your schedule before your trip. Just get into bed and wake up according to the time zone of the place that you are going.

# Pace of life

Hong Kong is well-known for its fast pace of life, even people who aren't living in Hong Kong also knows about it. No matter you are having a meal or going to school, you are always in a rush. In Germany, people walk slowly and spending hours to have a meal. That’s why Hong Kong people like going to Europe for a long holiday!

# Activeness in class

Experiencing how others study in class is a special way to understand the cultural differences.

Students in Europe are more willing to answer and join in the discussion. They also like asking questions as they believe communications is the best way to learn. Remember to be open-minded and meet more new friends! They are so friendly.

# Language barriers

Every place has its own mother tongue. It’s usual that everyone speaks German to you no matter where you are.

If you wanna learn German, you can try to speak German to the Germany people. They are really nice and welcome to teach you. So don’t be shy to ask!

# Nature

Comparing to Hong Kong, air is more fresh with lots of green areas. That’s why people here always feel relaxed and they like to go to nature during weekends to enjoy the nice views. The green environment also comforts my soul. It’s my favorite place for a little getaway!