Canada has one of the most impressive and friendly environments for international visitors. This country offers a peaceful atmosphere, and countless chances of professional growth. For students, Canada has numerous colleges and universities. The spark is that they get internships or well-paying jobs immediately after the completion of their degrees. On the other hand, this beautiful land is suitable for anyone who is about to start his own business.

In case you have planned to move to this country along with your family, you need to apply for a Canadian residency visa.

According to a comprehensive report by Environics Analytics, most of the Canadian cities are safe for tourists. Also, this land offers great opportunities for buying a house or you can rent an apartment at reasonable costs. However, the following places are most suitable for a family residence in 2016.


As per the data of Environics Analytics, the price of an average two-bed apartment in Toronto is around $13,000. For this, your income should be more than $40,000. Once you have established your business in Toronto, you can make much more than this because this Canadian city provides the people with bundles of chances of career grooming.


Vancouver is another famous city where buying a home is always the dream of every person.

This is one of the most inexpensive housing markets worldwide. If you are here, you can contact a real estate agent. Tell them about your budget and ask them to help you choose an ideal house. Besides this, there are options of renting an apartment in any of the residential buildings of this Canadian city. Demographia names Vancouver as a perfect town for anyone with an average salary.

Here buying a house is very easy for new business investors.

Moncton, N.B.

You may feel that this city of Canada has poorly constructed houses, but it is actually not so. Moncton, N.B. is situated close to the Petitcodiac River. It is a peaceful and attractive place for residence. In fact, this city is one of the major tourist destinations and the hub of over 30 famous shopping centers.

From the beaches to restaurants, and from nightclubs to business centers, this city has everything to facilitate needs of the people.

Windsor-Essex, Ont.

An average house price in Windsor-Essex is not more than $174,396. Here you can explore the waterfalls, beautiful valleys, amazing mountains, vineyards, sculpture garners, and a greenhouse. The presence of the Colosseum at Caesars Windsorand several museums enhance this city's beauty. It is on the southern side of Canada, and away from the hustle and bustle. This small yet beautiful town is perfect for anyone who loves to live in an area with a low population.

Lethbridge, Alta.

The average price of a house in this city is $231,002. It is situated in eastern Canada.

It's population is approximately 90,000 individuals. It is home to three top ranked colleges -the Oldman River, and tall mountains. The economy ofLethbridgeis widely based on health, education, and tourism industries.