Winters never seem too bad, but after a couple of weeks the cold could cause numerous problems. You would see that your car gets stuck in the snow, and the daily tasks get disturbed. Remember that it is a part of routine life, soyou don’t need to take any tension. Before the winter arrives, you should explore some exotic Islands. The US News has compiled this list of best islands. Choose an island of your choice and plan a trip.


Bali is an exotic and one of the best islands in the world. This province of Indonesia remains full with tourists throughout the year.

The best time to go there is summer, because in winter season the weather reaches an alarming level. Here you can explore Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. This beautiful island is situated close to the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Java and Lombok.

The approximate population of Bali is 3,890,722 as per 2015 Census. It is home to squirrels, king cobra, python, and other wildlife. According to the 2015 Census, more than 80% population of Bali consists of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. This island is spread over an area of 3.2 km, and is a marvelous place to visit in summer.


Vieques is a beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It is situated in the northern Caribbean and is often regarded as the Spanish Virgin Island.

This is a highly influential place for adventure lovers. It is spread over an area of 8 miles. The main town called Isabel Segunda is worth to check. As per 2015 Census, the total population of Vieques is 12000. During your stay here, don’t forget to visit the beaches like Red Beach, Blue Beach, and Green Beach.

This beautiful island has numerous sedimentary rocks and alluvial deposits.

Here you can explore rivers, waterfalls, streams, tall mountains, and agricultural lands. The weather remains dry in summer. In the winter season, snow covers most of the mountains. It is home to coral reefs, lagoons, and water species. The main attractions of this island are Isla Yallis, Cayo Conejo, Cayo Chiva, and Cayo de Tierra.

Easter Island

Easter Island is situated in Chili. This is close to the Pacific Ocean. This island has plenty of tourist attractions. It is mainly famous for its 850 extant monumental statues. These statues are centuries old, and catch the attention of global visitors. In 1995, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site.

The Rapa Nui National Park is its main attraction. According to Barthel, this island was called as Te pito o te kainga a Hau Maka. Later on, its name was changed to Easter Island. It is spread over an area of 24.6 km, and is triangular in shape.