It is easy to find beautiful places in all parts of the world. These are present even in the midst of all the chaos and turmoil. Just like many other countries, America has no shortage of attractive sites. How can you define the beauty of a city or town? Is it the name of the calm atmosphere and or the captivating landscapes filled with rolling hills? For the tourist, the Earth has a lot to explore. Let us check out some top spots that are worth visiting before the winter begins.

The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Grand Prismatic Spring is so beautiful that it forms a lasting impression on your mind.

If your plan is to visit the Yellowstone National Park, you shouldgo to the Grand Prismatic Spring too. This large hot spring is situated in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Its depth is said to be around 200 feet, and this is one of the biggest hot springs in the world. It consistently gives off over 550 gallons of water every two minutes. For the tourists, this place is nothing less than a paradise. The appealing blue center and the vibrant tints around the spring’s side add value to its overall beauty. Every year, this site receives over one million visitors.

Natchez, Mississippi

Natchez is where you can find the perfect combination of a strike of deep rooted stories and modern Antebellum buildings.

It is located in the southern Mississippi. Without any doubt, this is an ideal tourist point for anyone who loves deep rooted history. Unluckily, this place does not receive a large number of visitors every year.

Pismo Beach, California

California is the hub of beaches and nightclubs. These are scattered all across the globe, but in California, their number is more than another place.

Among the so many beautiful beaches of this American city, Pismo Beach is famous for itsfriendly environment and crystal clear water. People of all age groups come here during the summers. My suggestion is that you visit this site once, because in winters its water turns to ice. Before you plan a trip to the Pismo Pier, let me tell you that its depth is over 200 feet.

So, be careful and do not let your kids enjoy water-sports here.

Leavenworth, Washington

If you’ve taste for German-American culture and cuisines, there is no place better than Leavenworth. It is present in the Northwest Washington. This mountainous town is known for its numerous Bavarian twists. Nature has tucked it away at the lower side of the Washington Cascades. The overall environment is peaceful and calm. For newlyweds, it is an ideal site to spend the holidays. Summers bring a lot of outdoor activities including biking, hiking, golf, and more.