"Airplane Lost", reads the headlines of international media outlets today. Unfortunately, this year is not the first time that such an event is reported, which had never happened in the history of modern civil aviation. In fact, in recent decades, a year has never been as mysterious as this year, now ending. More than 650 deaths have been recorded in recent months, victims of air accidents, more than in 2013 and 2012 together. Two missing aircraft and one shot down, all Malaysian, were the ones who caused more deaths this year.

Sunday morning, around 6:17 the captain of an Air Asia's Airbus A320-200 announced to air control traffic that he would climb to 38,000 feet, in order to avoid bad weather and was his last contact. The unit flew the southwestern waters of Borneo island when they stopped responding. Carrying 162 people, 7 of them crew members, and was the route Indonesia-Singapore.

"The AirAsia Indonesia regrets to confirm that the air traffic control tower lost contact with the QZ-8501 flight at 7:24 a.m. this morning," said the low-cost company in a statement.

The searches are underway to discover the whereabouts of the plane. Little is known, but it is assumed that the plane has faced a critical situation and has not stood the impact. Despite more than 6000 hours of pilot flight and frequent testing that was submitted the plane, this is the most likely scenario. Waiting for new developments, all support is being given to the families of the victims and senior members of the company already describe this day as "the worst of their lives." In a gesture of solidarity and mourning, Air Asia has changed the color of their profile photo and background of its official Facebook for a black tone.

To confirm the worst, the three largest civil aviation accidents that have marked the year 2014 are of Malaysian origin. In March, a plane that left Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing disappeared from radar and was never found, despite all the efforts that still last. On that plane traveled 239 people and what really happened is unknown. In July, 298 occupants of another device Malaysia Airlines died. The aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air in a conflict zone in eastern Ukraine, where the Ukrainians and pro-Russian rebels were fighting . Up until this day, the author of the attack is unknown.