The Community Standards that Facebook created awhile ago are atrocious. When I tried to share numerous Blasting News articles on political groups where I would find readers interested in my content, I was banned from doing so. This is because it breached the Social media site's "Community Standards." They have centralised their control over the groups people create and stolen their autonomy to decide who should post on their group pages.

However, when Conservative Party member Paul Everitt-Clay attempted to report the 'Kick A Tory' event, Facebook said this did not breach their "Community Standards." Only in the world of social media is it acceptable to create an event advocating violence towards those who hold a different point of view, but it is unacceptable to share content on groups where users are likely to interact with it.

"Facebook has become a bastion of left-wing violence"

The truth is, Facebook has become a bastion of left-wing violence. The social media site completely fails to delete and detect content from hard-line lefties who advocate hurting those with alternative views. Facebook has failed in its duty to protect those who use the site to share their political activities and views.

In no way does this article defend those on the centre-right who also issue similar threats to people. Both sides are guilty of breeding a violent culture. It is common among political Facebook groups of all persuasions to witness members threatening each other. Yet the reason why left-wing violence deserves a special mention in this article is because it is becoming increasingly common for lefties to threaten others through alternative means.

Take Peter Ward, the Labour member who anti-establishment blog Guido Fawkes exposed the other day for threatening to blow up a Conservative Party dinner. He made his status public for everyone to see, yet Facebook failed to do anything about it. As a result, Dewsbury Conservatives had to cancel their Christmas event for security reasons.

It was only when someone reported it to Guido that something was done about it.

"Many on the left are willing to go as far as creating events to discourage centre-right activists from engaging in politics"

The same problem lies with this 'Kick A Tory' event. Many on the left are willing to go as far as creating events to discourage centre-right activists from engaging in politics.

They tarnish the reputations of those on the left who do not advocate violence, but sadly this has become more common on the centre-left since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour Party Leader.

Facebook must do more to prohibit violence from both sides of the political spectrum, particularly those on the left organising violent events. Surely these events breach their "Community Standards" more than sharing relevant content on interested Facebook groups?