Apple releases the red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus without the regular bell and whistles. The beautiful new iPhones are bathed entirely in red apart from the front of the phone and the Apple logo at the back. The new red iPhone models will be available for order worldwide online from Friday. The red iPhone is the new addition to the iPhone 7 line-up; the available colours are silver, gold, rose gold, jet black and black.

Why red?

The Special Edition iPhones called (Product) red are presented in a ‘vibrant red aluminium finish.’ They are built in commemoration of 10 years of partnership between Apple and RED.

RED is an international charity that partners with the best brands to create awareness and raise funds for AIDS. Bono and Bobby Shriver founded the organisation, where they have website you can check out.

Per the official site of RED, they have raised $465 million with their partners worldwide for their fight against AIDS. The purchase of the special edition iPhone 7’s will contribute to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help deliver an AIDS-free generation per Apple.

Where to buy the red iPhone 7?

The red iPhones in the aluminium finish will be available online from Friday, March 24 and the 128 GB version will cost $750. There is no information on the percentage of the proceeds that will go to the charity organisation but there is no doubt that the contribution will be significant.

Apple is known for their wealth and has been criticised for the high price of their electronic devices. Therefore, this gesture is commendable from Apple and shows a good example.

The red iPhone 7’s look very exciting and attractive and a lot of customers will be looking forward to getting the special edition smartphones before they are sold out.

There is still no word on the number of red iPhones that will be available but anything tagged ‘special edition’ usually, comes in limited quantity. There is never a wrong time to buy an iPhone but what makes this version attractive is not only the colour but the gesture.