Pokemon Go is the virtual reality game of the season which is making everyone roman the streets like never before. It is for the first time that a virtual reality game has pulled people out of their homes and made them literally follow its trial. From Twitter trolls to Whats App messages, the game has taken over all conversations across the globe.

Pokemon Go breaks all records.

The numbers which support the fact that Pokemon Go has become the most played game in US history are finally out. Based on daily active users the game hassmashed all records putting even Clash Royale behind in just 24 hours of its official launch which is unbelievable.

Candy Crush which was reported to have a whopping 93 million users as its highest ever worldwide is been put back in the race of gaming by Pokemon Go which broke even Candy Crush’s record.

Pokemon Go to break Snapchat’s record too.

The game that is evoking love for Pokemon all over again is said to have earned millions of dollars in its launch week itself. Pokemon Go also surpassed the number of Twitter users within 3 days of its launch which is phenomenal for a virtual reality game. Next on its list of breaking records are Google Maps and the popular communication app Snapchat. Online reports suggest that till yesterday Pokemon Go had a massive 21 million users in US alone which broke Candy Crushes record of highest active users at any point of time worldwide which was 20 million.

On the profits front, Nintendo the gaming giant holds very less of Pokemon Go’s share and thus shall enjoy only a minute percentage of the massive profits the game is currently making.

Will it be able to keep up the interest for long?

Gaming is a tricky business and while even in past Games have created hysteria in their launch week they have also failed to keep up the interest of the users for a long duration of time. If Pokemon Go can surpass this hurdle and retain the interest then the game has real potential to become a cult and revolutionalise the gaming industry.