The augmented reality game (Pokémon Go) behaves as a potential lure that could attract the attention of investors in virtual reality. In money market terms, the power of the game was corroborated during the 10 days Nintendo´s stock surged which ended yesterday. According to Piper Jaffray-money market expert, Pokémon Go could attract big technological companies, including Apple (AAPL) Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL) to see virtual reality as a good investment opportunity.

Firm conducting virtual reality survey

For the past three months the firm has been conducting monthly assessments involving both virtual and mixed reality.

The conclusion is that virtual reality will turn into the next paradigm that will take over the computer technology. Pokémon was the objective of the most recent survey due to its implementation of mixed reality, proving that augmented reality is worth taken into account.

Delayed release

The game has become very popular in countries, including the US, where it surpassed the popularity of Candy Crush Saga. It has not yet been released in Asia and the Japan release has been delayed. To date, more than 26 European countries have gained access to the game. Originally the world release was planned for the first week of July, following the release in three countries.

Niantic decided to postpone the release to more countries due to server issues.

Many people have not been able to search Pokémon characters due to internet crashes in their locations, as nearly 50% of users have had connections problems and the other half log in issues. Those who have been able to play the game have gotten in trouble due to trespassing on private property or disturbing other people´s lives due to their passion for the augmented reality game.

While some investors used to consider virtual reality as exaggerated, they now realize how much profit augmented reality Games could generate. Nintendo shares went down 2.48% to $32.98 early in the morning trading due to Pokémon Go postponed release in Japan.