According to a money market analyst, Nintendo is not the only Company profiting from Pokémon success. Based on Needham Laura Martin, the mobile app game could increment by $3 billion Apple´s market value in the next years. While Nintendo market value has risen %20 billion, apple´s value has incremented $2 billion from July6-18. It´s estimated that the incremental margin revenue will generate $3 billion over the next 12 to 24 months from Pokémon in app purchases.

Pokémon go

The concept is an augmented reality game. It permits players to search for virtual Pokémon characters in a real setting with the use of a mobile, iPhone, Android or any other compatible device, and the device´s camera.

Pokémon go has already become the biggest mobile game download of all time and it has broken sales record on most of the countries where it has been released.


The augmented reality game has already been used more times than the popular game candy crush and class royal; moreover, the players spent more time playing the game than the time they spent on social networks, including Facebook and twitter.

Success predictions

Apple is the global distribution platform for the for the mobile content users. It has maintained a steady popularity; although, in the present under suspense due to the near release of its major economic success-the iPhone. Apart from this, the big company keeps 30 percent of Pokémon go in app purchases made from its iOs compatible devices.

How does the app make money?

The augmented reality game generates revenue overtime a user buys lucky eggs, pocket balls, incense and extra storage. Almost two thirds of all Pokémon go downloads are made from iOs compatible devices. Generally iOS compatible devices users are wealthier than Android´s. this allows to calculate a figure of 80 % of purchases are made from Apple´s devices and the remaining percent corresponds to other company´s devices.

While this figures forecast a positive buy rating for the next two years, the next release of the expected Apple iPhone 7 could raise the figure by some more positive percentage during this prognosticated economic rise.