Pokémon players in Japan are impatiently waiting for the successful Pokémon go game launch. Japan´s government has already prepared in advance issuing a safety warning to the augmented reality gamers. The country´s National Center for Incidents and Strategy has distributed nine notices, including advice to refrain from using their real names and warning players about replica apps.

Incidents duringpoke mania.

Only days after launch in the US police departments were issuing warnings after several incidents involving Pokémon go took place in various states of the US.

Gamers in Missouri were robbed by armed criminals; in Florida, two youngsters were shot while driving a car and a pregnant woman was run over by a vehicle while chasing creatures with her friends on the street.

The game.

This is an augmented reality game in which gamers chase Pokémon creatures in varied real-life settings around their neighborhoods or other places, including parks, rivers, lakes, during the day or at night. The objective of the game is to catch as many creatures and then train them to reach higher levels of power. Gamers use poke balls to catch the creatures.

Slow release.

The game is being released slowly due to the overload it has put on Niantic severs. Some rumors were spread about a Wednesday release; however, this rumor is false.

Some people in Japan think that the delay is due to some technical repairs done on the app due to problems reported in other countries and that the final and improved version of Pokémon go will be launched soon in the Asian country.

Since its launch early in July, Pokémon go has been a success with millions of free downloads from the App Store and Google play.

During the first week, Pokémon go players surpassed those who visit social media sites, such as Facebook and twitter. The Japanese launch is expected to come soon; however, Nintendo has not given the exact date of its release.

The Pokémon go app is free for download at the App Store and Google Play and is compatible with Apple and Android devices.