The iPhone SE is the small remake version of the iPhone. With only 12,38 cm (4,87) height and 5.86 cm (2,31) wide, it retains the classical CPU and graphics performance of the 6s and 6s plus iPhones and twice the speed and three times the graphics performance of the iPhone 5s. This enhancement is cheaper than the previous versions too. It compact design and embedded technology makes it the most powerful iPhone ever built.


At the hearth of this iPhone is the Apple 64 bit A9 chip and its embedded M9 motion coprocessor, delivering high speed and responsiveness, making it simple to complete every task in your applications.

The performance of graphic applications are greatly enhanced, making it the interactivity super rich and immersive. The motion M9 coprocessor connects the capabilities of the compass Gyroscope and accelerometer, allowing you to measure every step and distance. It also maintains Siri awake when invoked with a simple hello Siri!


The Apple smartphone comes with a 12 megapixel iSight camera and the capability of editing 4K video-resolution 4 times the one of 1080 HD video. After taking photos, a simple touch and hold on the screen can bring the photo into real movement on the screen. The retina display technology allows you to enhance the illumination of photos taken under dark conditions, making them bright in true life colors.

LTE and Wi-Fi

With faster speeds of up to 433 Mbps, the downloading of games apps and the streaming of video and music is delivered in an instant. The iPhone SE supports voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling. The Bluetooth technology allows you to communicate with external speakers, an Apple watch, another iPhone, IPad or iPod, and other devices

IOS operating system

The user interface allows to manipulate the applications using multi-touch gestures, including tap, pinch, and swipe.

Control elements, such as sliders, buttons and switches. Internal accelerometers, compass and other technologies are utilized by some apps to deliver feedback to actions, including shaking, direction and rotation. The current version in the iPhone SE is iOS 9.3.

Battery and Dimensions.

The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable via USB to computer or power adapter with a talking time of over 14 hours and internet use for over 13 hours.

Video can be played for over 13 hours and music for up to 50 hours. When not in use, battery remains powered for over 10 days.

Encased in bead-blasted aluminum, the compact iPhone measures only 12,38 cm (4,87 inch) in height and 5,86 cm (2,31 inch) across with a width of 7,6 mm (0,30 inch) and a weight of 113 grams (3,99 ounces.

With a simple command, you can activate Siri to respond and give an answer to your questions.