iOS 10 is the most up to date version of iOS operating system by Apple, which will be released in the fall of 2016. This version includesenrichmentstovarious apps, includingMusic, maps, home, photo and messages apps. It will support older phone models, such as the iPhone 5, iPad and iPod. This version will allow to delete unwanted apps from the screen, as well to download them, if the user wants it form the App Store. It include new APIs and services that enable new app features for a more engaging functionality.

Messageswith animations in iOS 10 operating system

The improved messages app allows you to express your emotions withballoon effects, fireworks and confettior even a laser light displaythat appear on the screen. Automatic suggestions let you interchange words for emoji as you type.Rich links display media directly in the message, allowing you to share video or music.Invisible ink message is only disclosed when the person receiving it swipes over it.

The improvements made within the application also support digital touch to send visual heartbeats, sketches, fireballs and others. It allows lets you add your personal touch by drawing over video. You can personalize video, birthday cards and messages with stickers from the App Store.

Maps and photos

Maps can also tell you what´s around the area and make suggestions on which way to follow to get to the desired location.A marker on the map app indicates the location where your car is parked, so you´ll always know where your car is.Third party apps are now integrated with Siri, so now you can tell Siri to search for a given photo, make a call over VoIP, book a ride through a service, such as Uber or Lyft or send money using Square.

The control center is accessed with a simple swipe or press and 3D touch allows you to take a quick glance at applications, including the calendar, weather and other apps.

The sorting and search for photos has been enhanced with a new memory, permitting the recognition of photos taken and facial recognition lets you group pics by facial features in the image.


This new application lets you automate various home devices that use Apple´s API HomeKit. This app is useful for when one is going out of the house and want to set things in order; for example, turning the lights at a specified time or locking or unlocking door or even raise the garage door. Geofencing is a location service that records the perimeter of an area-a house, and allows someone to specify certain actions within it.

More improvements

The music app has been improved with a new tab for downloaded music and lyrics could be viewed on the screen as the music plays the quick type feature includes contextual suggestions, making it easy to find a location, contact and any other type of information. The phone app now integrates third party VoIP calls and includes transcription in voicemail. Apps can be deleted and downloaded from the App Store.